Public Works
116 Airport Road
Bishopville SC 29010

Jason Prater
803- 484-6196

Lee County Public Works is responsible for maintaining and improving county roads as well as
operating and maintaining the Manned Site Convenience Centers, which are located throughout the county for the disposal and recycling of household garbage.

Lee County currently has nine manned sites at the following locations:

  • 175 Lower Lee School Rd., / St. Charles Community 803-428-2240
  • 249 Bradley Road, / Elliott Community 803-428-2728
  • 3355 Rembert Church Road / Woodrow Community 803 713-0882
  • 58 Ashwood School Road / Ashwood Community 803-428-4727
  • 1516 Ashland Stokes Bridge Road / Ashland Community 843-339-9427
  • 116 Airport Road / Bishopville off Hwy. 341 803-484-6972
  • 194 Main Street, Lynchburg / Lynchburg Community 803-437-2133
  • Calvary Church Road / Cedar Creek Community 803-428-4746
  • 409 DuBose Backwoods Road / Off Lee State Park Road 803-428-5068

Hours of Operation:
Sunday 1pm – 6 pm
Monday 7 am – noon
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 7 am – 3 pm
Thursday CLOSED
Friday 11 am – 6 pm
Saturday 8 am – 6 pm

Hours are the same for all sites.

Plastic Materials- Due to the rising cost of disposing of plastic recyclables, the county is suspending its collection of plastic materials for the purpose of recycling. Until further notice, all plastic waste is to be disposed of with regular household trash in the compactors located at each Manned Collection Site in the county. The county will continue to monitor the availability of third-party vendors who will accept recyclable plastic, and if a method of disposal is developed, which is cost neutral to the county, the plastic recycling program will be reinstated.

The county has nine locations where household trash as well as limb debris, used oil, scrap metal and other materials can be brought for disposal.
See below for disposal of used tires and E-waste.

Disposal of Tires and E-Waste- These materials will only be accepted on Saturdays at the following Manned Trash Collection Sites: The Airport location, which is adjacent to the Public Works Facility at 116 Airport Road or at the Bradley Road Site, located at 249 Bradley Road, Bishopville, which is near Elliot. By limiting the number of locations where tires and e-waste are accepted, the county will save on the cost of hauling this waste from all nine sites to a centralized collection point for disposal. Additionally, by consolidating our collection points, we will be able to more closely monitor who is bringing tires to the county for disposal.

The county’s policy is that it will only accept a maximum of 5 tires per day from each county resident and the county does not accept tires from commercial businesses which change tires as part of their business services. The County also accepts tires from trucking companies or agricultural operations if an invoice is presented at the time of disposal for the purchase of an equal number of tires and shows the fee for disposal of tires has been paid on the new tires which were purchased. Any trucking business or farming operation which needs to dispose of tires through the county should contact the Public Works Director and schedule an appointment to bring tires to the Public Works Facility at 116 Airport Road; tires should not be brought on site without a scheduled drop off time. The Public Works Department can be reached by phone at 803-484-6196.

Just a reminder...All manned site locations are for residents to dispose of household trash, used oil and limb debris.  The Public Works facility(116 Airport Road) and Bradley sites also accept tires and electronic waste such as TVs and computers on Saturdays.

One additional site for Lee County Residents to dispose of household trash and light construction debris such as shingles, wood or insulation is the Lee County Landfill, 1431 Sumter Hwy.; which is owned and operated by Republic Services. Lee County residents are allowed to bring these items for disposal during the days and hours of operation listed below. The Landfill does not accept limb debris, tires, used oil or electronic waste such as TVs or computers.

Lee County Landfill is open during the following days and times:

Monday-Friday-         6 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Saturday-                    7 a.m. – 11 a.m.



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