Planning and Zoning
 Arlene Samuel
Planning and Zoning Director
3rd Floor of the Courthouse, Room 302
Phone: (803)484-5341 Ext. 3195 Fax: (803) 484-5735

 The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for planning, permitting and code enforcement for the County.

  • Issues building permits for all construction in the county

  • Reviews site plans for proposed constructions

  • Responsible for regulation of flood plain areas in the county

  • Verifies zoning of land in the county

  • Enforces the Lee County Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Ordinance

  • Reviews and stamps plats for the county

  • Conducts long-range planning in regards to land subdivisions and plats

  • Issues Text Amendment and Rezoning Applications

  • Issues Special Exception and Variance Request Applications



Lee County uses a third party inspection company for all inspections except Fire Marshall Inspections. 
Lee County Inspectors

Brian L. Blackwell, CBO, MCP...Plan Reviewer & Inspector

 Brent Bullard, CBO….Inspector

 All inspections are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays; we ask that you call at least a day prior by 3:00 pm to get on the inspection list.  Please call 803-484-5341 Ext 3195 to schedule your inspection.

Fire Marshal Inspections
Brandon Holloman, Lee County Fire Marshal 803-484-5274


Commercial/Industrial Building Plan Review and Zoning Requirements
Building Permit Application
Required Inspections for New Structures and Additions
Lee County Permits Required Information
Plan Review Acknowledgement
Permit Fees
Demolition and Reinspection Fees
Residential Building Plan Review Requirements


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