Magistrate Office

Shirley C. Davidson

115 Gregg Street
PO Box 2
Bishopville, SC 29010
Phone: 803- 484-6463
Fax: 803-484-5163

Office hours: Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm
Excluding county and / or state holidays

The Magistrate’s Court is the Summary Court for Lee County. This court handles small claim civil matters up to $7500, as well as traffic court and miscellaneous criminal cases including wildlife, hunting, boating and fishing violations.

Magistrate’s Court does not accept personal or business checks to pay fines. Only cash or money orders are currently accepted as payment for court fines. The court does accept cash or credit card payments if the person appears in person. Payments can also be made online. To access online payments, go to to make traffic / criminal fine payments. Do not send cash in the mail. Telephone payments are not accepted.


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