Fire Department / Emergency Management
Michael Bedenbaugh
Fire Chief / EMD Director

Physical address:
119 Deschamps St
Bishopville SC 29010

Mailing address:
PO Box 87
Bishopville SC 29010

Phone: 803-484-5274

The Lee County Fire and Emergency Management Division are a department of the Lee County Emergency Services.

The Fire Department responds to fires, wrecks, and other all calls for service that are received by the 911 Center. Volunteers make up the majority of our fire personnel and are the backbone of our fire service. Lee County Fire responds to an average of 1135 calls per  year.

Lee County Fire and Rescue has a Fire Chief and a Chief Officer, whose duties are operations, training and Fire Marshal. There are two 12-hour shift personnel and 8 hour persons with part-timers as needed.  THere are five paid personnel and 59 volunteers.  The volunteers are made up of firefighters, support, and medical in the volunteer section.
Lee County Fire and Resue training meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of every month with four hours of online training.  The first Tuesday night training consists of four hours and the third Tuesday night training consists of a blend of fire and four hours of first responder training.  We also do Emergency Drivers Training,Auto Extrication, burn building and multi-agency training on the weekend if necessary. 


The Emergency Management Division is responsible for the coordination and operation of county-wide disasters and hazards. These responsibilities would include:

  • The planning of all hazards both natural and man-made.
  • Hazard mitigation
  • Disaster response and recovery
  • Operation of the Emergency Operations Center during activation, training, drills and exercises
  • Planning and training with Robinson Nuclear Plant

The department has an Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in the Emergency Management Office. 

Develops and tests plans for use during emergencies.

Duke Energy Progress –Robinson Nuclear Plant has a 10 mile zone in Lee County called D-2.    The population in this area 1070.

Siren Tests:   emergency warning sirens are test regularly to ensure they work properly.   Testing is part of normal maintenance. No public action is necessary.   The tests take place at specific dates and times.  If you hear sirens and are not sure if it is a test or an emergency, turn to the local radio or TV stations.   During an emergency, these stations stop regular programming to provide information t the public.   It is important to note that sirens may not necessarily be heard inside homes or businesses.   Remember, hearing a siren does not mean you should evacuate. Local radio and television stations will provide information and instructions on what to do.   

Siren Test Dates: 
January 12---5-30 seconds
April 13---5-30 seconds
July 13---5-30 seconds
October 12---3 minutes

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